Thousands have downloaded the Book, here’s just a small handful of comments…

“Thank you Doug & Tracie, I feel so inspired after reading your book! Your words of wisdom are a blessing, I shall apply this to my next interview/resume.”

“I put out so many resumes before I read your book and like your book said they just got mixed in with everyone elses. The book was very helpful and well written. It was nice to have examples and not to have to re-invent the wheel.”

“You mentioned some great ideas, especially for those just entering the workforce. I was glad to see that you mentioned being part of the professional association, that has been my best resource in finding employment for the past 30 years and we always welcome new members and new ideas.”

“What a blessing to stumble across this book! I’m a hygienist in Utah and the market here is brutal. These tips will be very helpful in my job search. Thank you!!!”

“I bought the book – it’s great! I am working to finish my website up and push it, as well as my business cards and post cards. Thanks for your help!!!”