Doug and Tracie Perry

Doug and Tracie Perry

Now in its 2nd Edition, Landing a Great Dental Hygiene Job has helped thousands of professional hygienists worldwide prepare for and launch their search for a great job in a tough market. Things just aren’t what they used to be and today’s hygienists have to be more creative and market themselves better. But the good news is there are lots of great tools to help make this a reality.

The strategies and tips in this book have been proven to help hygienists stand out in a crowded job market.

In 2010, my wife, Tracie Perry, graduated in dental hygiene and was excited to start working only to find out the job market was much more difficult than she anticipated. After weeks of dropping off resumes and waiting by the phone for calls (even calls to work as a temp), it became obvious a new strategy was in order.

Tracie Perry, RDH

Tracie Perry, RDH

As a marketing professional, I worked with her to develop some strategies that we felt had great potential. It turns out they were not only key to her getting a job, but no one was doing them. This book details them out for you, sharing what works and even a little bit of what doesn’t. In short, she’s the hygienist and I’m the marketer!

Best wishes and good luck in your search to land a great dental hygiene job!


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  1. pamela

    Thank you Doug & Tracie, I feel so inspired after reading your book! Your words of wisdom. are a blessing, I shall apply this to my next interview/resume.

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