Released in January 2012, Landing a Great Dental Hygiene Job is now its 2nd edition. The Ebook has helped thousands of dental hygiene professionals on the path toward a great job. You can also now get the audio book (compatible with iTunes and other mobile devices). Also new, the Quick Reference Guide, a perfect companion to the book.
To get the EBook, Audio Book or Reference Guide click here.

Landing a Great Dental Hygiene Job 2nd Edition Cover



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  1. What a great idea you have! You should start a temp agency for them.

  2. Pam Kitner

    You mentioned some great ideas, especially for those just entering the workforce. I was glad to see that you mentioned being part of the professional association, that has been my best resource in finding employment for the past 30 years and we always welcome new members and new ideas.

  3. Doug Perry

    Thank you! I agree, associations can be a huge positive factor if you join and participate. I’ve spent my career working at professional associations and have seen first-hand the many positive things that come from active involvement in them.

  4. Heather

    Hi. I have a quick question if you don’t mind answering. I am currently making a website resume and after it being published for about an hour I realized maybe it is not a smart idea to post a personal phone number on a public website. Within the first hour I saw that someone from a different country had already somehow viewed my website and this alerted me to that realization. I see that on Tracie’s sample web resume her phone number is posted and my question is did you guys have any problems with that? I also noticed that in another of your sample web resume links another person requires a web passcode. I would prefer not to do that because I would like maximum visibility of the website while still having discretion. Any insight is appreciated. Love your booklet by the way, it has given me great ideas.

  5. Doug Perry

    That’s a good question. We debated that a little bit and in the end decided to just put it out there. We haven’t had a single problem with it in a year and a half. But there’s a better solution. If you have a Google e-mail account you can also obtain a free Google Voice account. Google Voice lets you pick a phone number that you can then use as a number you broadcast to the public on your website. Your Google Voice number is then setup to forward those calls to your cell phone without anyone ever knowing your cell number. Google Voice also lets you setup a voice message that is different from your cell and will even e-mail you a transcript of any voice messages left for you. Thanks for the feedback and good luck!

  6. Great Job Doug, I would add comments about how important the cover letter is, if being used as part of a resume. I receive many resumes from dental hygienists, and it is obvious immediately that some of the resumes are mass emailed, or mailed to several prospective employers at one time – or the same resume is used for every job application. Sending a cover letter that is very generic with language such as “applying for the position in your dental clinic”, when clearly our position has stated it is in a dental hygiene clinic – gives the wrong impression immediately. I would suggest that if applying for a specific job, do a little research on the prospective employer- is there a website, are they on Facebook, twitter? if so – spend some time learning as much as possible about the employer before drafting a cover letter. Then tailor your letter to be specific to that job, to that place of employment. These are the cover letters that get my attention.

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